Creative Genres to Choose From

Pick and choose what you'd like to learn

  • 1

    Notable Women Who Pretended to Be Men

    • Meet George Sand and Others

  • 2

    1980's Film--Should You Pretend to Be a Man to Be Heard?

    • Why Have Women Historically Pretended to Be Men?

  • 3

    Time to Dance!- Pop songs about masculinity and femininity

    • Dance as Healing and Meditation: Beyonce and Taylor Swift Preach

  • 4

    Drama and Theatre: Shakespeare, Anyone?

    • "What a Piece of Work Is a Man!" Monologue

  • 5

    Poetry: "This Is How We Disappear"

    • Let's Not Disappear

  • 6

    Painting: The Unmasking of Frida Kahlo

    • What Does an Independent Woman Look Like?

  • 7

    Your Turn to Create

    • What Creative Expression Is Calling to YOU?